Cotton Makers Digital Content Series

A 14-video content series that explores artisans and crafters using cotton across the country made for Cotton + Elle Home Decor, Esquire, & Marie Claire.

The Makers:
Bedhead, Biscuit Home, Bridge & Burn, The Cotton Bride, Doug Johnston, Flint and Tinder, Hamilton Shirts, Imogene + Willie, Joshu + Vela, Lord Willy's, Poppy Von Frohlich, Raleigh Denim,  Reuben Reuel, & Tanya Aguiñiga.

DP/Director/Editor: Danny Dwyer
AD + Custom logo: Lindsey Eckwall
CW: Step Schultz
Production: Hearst Media
Client: Cotton, Inc.

2015 Webby Awards Honoree: Online Film & Video